Instructions for Article Writing

    If you enjoy writing about technologies and would like to share your opinion about a particular topic you may read this page carefully.

    ComputingCage loves writings because blogging itself is all about writing and hearing opinions (articles) from different people.

    ComputingCage welcomes technical writers, bloggers, marketers, SEO professionals, sales experts, social media gurus, solution providers and branding coaches who can write with our blog as contributors. The blog articles should be related to the categories of ComputingCage.

    Why Computing Cage?

    ComputingCage is dedicated to spread IT knowledge and related solutions. Latest information is always appreciated in our team. Our Alexa rating is improving every day and we have links with almost all social media.

    How to Write?

    1. You may select a topic by visiting multiple websites, links, magazines and newspapers. Start writing article only if you have keen interest or knowledge or want to get knowledge about the topic. Do not write introduction of the term, jump to the topic directly.
    2. Keep in mind three golden rules, (i) Set Focus Keywords (ii) choose best article (iii) make sentence structure short
    3. Article should be between 600-2000 words or more but not less than it, multiple paragraphs and heading (H2). Please do not put your personal links or emails inside post. New writers should always submit with your photos and a short biography (check at the end of each article).
    4. Your Title should be like a news e.g. “Why I chose Android Phone?” or “Top 10 Cheapest Camera Phones”. Our purpose is to attract the readers.
    5. Once you complete writing an article, do Spelling & Grammar check and click Plagiarism Checker online. Upload a screen shot of Plagiarism results.
    6. Be very much active in replying comments.
    7. At least 3 Internal Links and one good External Link should be given.
    8. Photos are beauty of any document. We suggest photos with white background, non-copyrighted (a company name or logo should not be written over the photo) and bright. ALT description should be clearly written and it can be similar to the title or little change.
    9. ComputingCage will follow a procedural method of publishing articles, it means a writer will leave it as Draft, then next senior writer will check and it will do two things:
      • If it needs minor improvements then he can do it
      • If it needs major improvements then senior writer will return article with comments which the writer will fix and same process will start again
      • If article passes the basic criteria then senior writer will also save as Draft again and will leave a message for the Editor. Only Editor will eventually publish the article.
    10. Article Structure: Always write your Own Views in the second last paragraph or you can write Conclusion. Last paragraph can be Critics or Users Review about the topic. Other items can include What’s this? How it works? What are types? What’s new in it?  How it is different?


    Note: The last and very important point: we need only SERIOUS writers. So new comers are also welcome.

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      Such a nice information.Thanks for sharing

      Mudasser Akram Answered on March 8, 2017.
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